USA • M.A.D. Riders Youth Trail Riding Association

If your daughter or son loves horses and needs/wants to be around others who do as well—M.A.D. Riders Youth Trail Riding Association is the place for her/him to be! A National Association, M.A.D. Riders promotes character development through a variety of activities both on and off the trail with group and individual participation. A unique program was designed to enable each M.A.D. Rider with responsibility, honesty and loyalty. Providing them with a set of rules and code of conduct to follow, members earn points for season ending awards through group participation, riding and required community service.  


M.A.D. Riders is a nationwide association, headquartered in Indiana.

Trail Rides

Each member will have the support of a Trail Guide Group in their community. Trail Guides help mentor, plan activities, host group trail rides, plan group community service projects, and so much more. Trail ride locations are determined by the Trail Guide and members based upon the group's skill level.


Trail Guides offer mentoring to youth riders. While on the trail, Guides ensure everyone stays together, reiterate the rules of the trail, help riders control their horses, and show how to read trail maps/remember markers, etc.


M.A.D. Riders is open to ALL equines—horses, ponies, donkey, and mules. Breed registration is NOT required! 

Additional Activities

The Trail Guide groups determine what sort of activities to organize for the group. Past activities include bowling, skating, rock climbing, fishing, waterparks, etc.  


All members provide their own transportation to/from trail rides, except when the Trail Guide is the rider's parent/grandparent


M.A.D. Riders is open to ages 4-6 (Minis) and 7-17 (Youth). Girls & Boys are eligible for membership up to age 13, at which point boys must either be siblings of or be referred/sponsored by an active M.A.D. Rider member.


The Association is able to keep costs down for youth riders thanks to the generous support of sponsors. Sponsors' names/logos are recognized on all official documents, advertisements, and events.  


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