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The Ride Horseback Expeditions is passionate about long distance horseback rides, challenging people’s perceptions of what is possible with a horse in the landscapes of the modern era. If you are an experienced and fit rider, join The Ride for an epic fast-paced experience through the iconic landscapes of southern Africa—some of the longest, toughest horseback adventures on the planet.

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To join one of the expeditions, you will need to be fit, bold and willing to challenge yourself. These expeditions are unbroken horseback journeys covering some of the best riding country in southern Africa. 

The Wild Coastcover 350km of unspoiled coastal wilderness in 13 days. Nowhere else will you experience this level of adventure on horseback; swimming of deep rivers, endless beach canters, and the rugged natural beauty of a sub tropical paradise that will both enchant and challenge. 

Cape of StormsFrom historic Stellenbosch, the wine making heart of the Cape, to the southern tip of Africa, this diverse expedition spans 330km over 11 riding days; vineyards, mountain passes, white sand beaches, the splendor of the Cape floral kingdom and storm ravaged Cape Agulhas. A paradoxical mix of hard riding and good living. 

Trans-Tkwa Karoo: The longest expedition, 435km in 13 days; from the imposing majesty of the Cedarberg and the Sutherland plateau to the stark beauty of the Tankwa Karoo desert flatlands, experience the incredible diversity of landscapes in this arid paradise. Cold, star bright nights beside the campfire punctuate long distance days.


Adventurer, historian, horseman, Barry Armitage returned to South Africa after almost 15 years wandering the globe as a professional sailor. Passionate about both horses and South African history, Barry created the concept of The Ride: a reality television series retracing epic horseback journeys that shaped history, which has been screened in over 20 countries. Five years later and after thousands of kilometres journeying on horseback Barry has developed the skills and the equipment that allow The Ride to deliver some of the longest, toughest horseback expeditions on the planet in the most diverse terrains imaginable.

Conservationist, horseman, adventurer, Joe Dawson, is a vital link in the The Ride team. Cool in a crisis, charming and witty, tough, if a little grumpy with it, Joe is the other half the relationship that’s at the heart of The Ride. Courageous, practical, level headed, Joe is also Barry’s brother-in-law and close friend. A solid partnership has developed over years of working together, often in demanding circumstances, resulting in a mutual bond of reliance critical on these challenging journeys. Joe’s measured approach to life provides the perfect foil to Barry’s impulsiveness on these intense adventures.






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