OR • Mustangs to the Rescue

Mustangs to the Rescue is located in beautiful Central Oregon, just outside the town of Sisters. They provide care, rehabilitation, training, and rehoming for unwanted, abused, and neglected horses. Since their opening in 2012, hundreds of horses have been given a new lease on life. Some have even been placed in service roles such as Search and Rescue, Packing Services, and Mounted Patrols. 


Mustangs to the Rescue is dedicated to helping horses in need and elevating the public’s view of wild horses. They help agencies manage horses and horse populations. They also provide current and potential horse owners with assistance, educational opportunities, and resources that ensure safe and secure adoption homes.


Mustangs to the Rescue serves the Central Oregon horse community. Horses, horse owners, and potential horse owners alike benefit directly from the services provided.


Educational Outreach: On-site training, clinics, and seminars to develop horsemanship skills and responsible horse ownership.

Equine Rescue Program: Mustang to the Rescue works with local, state, and national authorities to discover and re-home at-risk horses. Rescue services focus on the prevention of abuse, neglect, and abandonment of horses.  

Rehabilitation and Training Program: Horse adoption is facilitated with a comprehensive program that includes housing, proper nutrition, and veterinary/dental/farrier care while determining the horse’s suitability to a new home. 

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer, your support and dedication enable horses to recover from abuse, receive proper training, and find a safe home. There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities to choose from; some require horse experience, but many do not. Whether helping to fundraise or train horses, you'll receive the necessary training and guidance to make your volunteer experience safe and enjoyable. 

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