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Enjoy trail riding with an expert in Natural Horsemanship. Katherine Barbarite offers practical instruction for communicating with your horse and negotiating obstacles on the trail. You'll learn how to decode your horse's behavior for better communication and a more enjoyable ride all around. 


Whispering Hooves is located in Miller Place, Long Island, NY. However, Katherine travels the country for clinics, shows, and instruction. You can ride with Katherine at Whispering Hooves, or she can come to you. 

Trail Rides

Instructional Trail Rides: Learn to conquer random obstacles and develop trail etiquette while enjoying the trail.

Trail Ride Events: Develop trust and advanced communication skills that foster a better understanding of your horse's behavior. Refine your timing, balance, finesse, and feel as it applies to the trail. 


Katherine Barbarite has over 30 years of experience with Natural Horsemanship—a method of educating the horse and rider without using brute force, but instead using a take-and-give format. She's studied and worked with legends, such as Frank Bell and Buck Brannaman. “Basically, I am an advocate for the horse and I keep the horse’s well-being first, that’s what I teach," says Katherine. 

She is a Certified Horsemans Association Riding Instructor in English and Western and a Certified Horse Trainer. Katherine was a featured Clinician for the Horse World Expo, Northeast Equine Expo, as well as a demonstrator and featured judge at ACTHA events.


Since Katherine is an instructor, you have multiple options when it comes to horses. You can ride one of Whispering Hooves well trained trail horses, bring your own horse to learn together, or have Katherine work with your horse individually. 

Additional Activities

Natural Horsemanship clinics, workshops, and lessons are available year round (group and individual). Katherine teaches a straightforward set of exercises that aid in the development of a calm confident horse and rider. No matter the skill level or discipline, these steps remove fear and resistance, which elevates trust, communication, and bonding. Get expert feedback about how to communicate with your horse, prepare your horse for the trails, and be a better partner on the trail. 


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