NY • Painted Bar Stables

Painted Bar Stables is a community-oriented riding facility that offers year-round guided trail rides as well as lessons, leasing, boarding and educational opportunities to facilitate lifelong relationships between people and horses. The stable has reliable horses that are safe and secure for riders of all ages and abilities. You'll get to ride through the rolling landscape of the Finger Lakes Region on beautiful trails ranging from simple to rugged terrain.


The stables is located near Watkins Glen, just of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.

Trail Rides

Each ride is carefully crafted through matchmaking of the horse and rider and selection of the perfect trail to give every individual the best experience possible. 

Scenic Trail Ride: 1hour on Tug Hollow Trails. Suitable for all riders of all levels.

Satterly Hill Viewpoint: 2 Hour (6 miles) on Tug Hollow and Finger Lakes National Forest trails. Requires technical riding skills: rein control, trotting and cantering. 

Mountain Hurrah: 3 Hours (8 miles) on Tug Hollow and Finger Lakes National Forest trails. Requires technical riding skills: rein control, trotting and cantering.

Advanced National Forest Day trip: 4½ Hours Riding + Lunch (15 miles). Strong Intermediate & advanced riders only. Each daytrip requires a 3 rider minimum. If a smaller group would like to ride, we can combine groups to reach the minimum requirement when possible.

Moonlight Trail Rides: Trail rides in the moonlight are great for riders looking for a romantic, once in a lifetime experience. These trail rides will be weather dependent (bright clear moon skies) and will be for adults only. 

Community Trail Rides: Community trail rides are laid back rides for people who regularly support Painted Bar Stables. These rides do not include any tack up support, 101 instruction, or the fanfare of a guided trail ride. These are rides where riders are expected to know the trails, know their horse, and ride at their own speed independently (not just follow the leader). Community rides open to those who want to bring their own horse.


The main guide at the stables is the owner, Erika Eckstrom. Having trained and raised many of these horses, she knows each horse and how to match them to each rider in a way that only a mother would. The other guides at the stables includes Erika's partner, Dan, as well as the high caliber interns that Erika hires from around the globe to bring new ideas and perspectives to the stables.


As a breeder of American Paint Horses, a majority of the horses you will ride are paints. However with owning 25 horses, 2 ponies and a mule there is bound to be some variety. Various breeds include Tennessee Walking Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horse, Percherons, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas and Thoroughbreds. 

Additional Activities

Youth and Adult Camps, Lessons, Distance Riding Lessons and Clinics, Mounted Obstacle Training, Ring Jousting Tournaments.


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