KS • Salt Creek Ranch

Explore the lush countryside of Kansas with Equine Adventure at Salt Creek Ranch. You'll get to ride through fields, woods, and creeks on their quality horses... or bring your own. At Salt Creek Ranch, beginners learn to be confident in the saddle and seasoned riders take "relaxing afternoon" to a new level. Stay for dinner, a campfire, and even overnight under the big starry sky. Enjoy the Flint Hills Nature Trail with experienced and patient guides at Salt Creek Ranch.


Located in central Osage County, Kansas, Salt Creek Ranch is within driving distance from Topeka, Emporia, Wichita and Kansas City. The Ranch has various types of terrain, ranging from planted hay fields to native prairie pastures to wooded trails with creek beds. 

Trail Rides

You'll be able to relax on a slow, peaceful horseback ride while enjoying the plentiful native plant life. You can even follow the deer and blue heron tracks along the creek beds. For safety, everyone receives basic horsemanship instruction prior to the ride. 

Beginner: 2 hour ride for beginners on the Flint Hills Nature Trail. The final half hour will be spent visiting an 1870s cemetery on the Salt Creek Ranch property.

Intermediate: 2 hour ride for more experienced riders to explore the Flint Hills Nature Trail. Enjoy beautiful scenery, a multitude of wildlife, wildflowers in season, and long horned cattle when the herd is home. 


Carol Retzer and her husband, Rick Antisdel, own and operate the Ranch. Both offer years of horsemanship experience. Since 1991, Carol has taken trips to the Santa Fe Trail and completed 80 to 260 mile rides each time. She and Rick even organized large rides, leading 20-80 trail riders across the Kansas landscape.


The Ranch has le==e ranch-raised registered American Quarter Horses and two Haflinger ponies. Carol and Rick treat their horses as family, training them with sound horsemanship practices to ensure safe and fun riding experiences. 

Additional Activities

You can add an evening campfire dinner to any ride. You can also take Horsemanship lessons from a certified Level 1 Centered Riding instructor at the Ranch. 


The Salt Creek Ranch Horse Motel offers traveling horsemen a safe, well designed overnight layover facility. Amenities include spacious indoor and outdoor arenas and corrals for your horses; campsites with water and electricity for your trailer; and a covered pavilion.

You can also enjoy quiet, rustic, and comfortable lodging in the B & I Bunkhouse. The Bunkhouse has two climate controlled guest rooms, large bath with laundry facility, and a beautiful view of native pastures and horse corrals. Birds provide sweet music and the sunsets are gorgeous! Fall visitors can enjoy the evening by the campfire with friends. 


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