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Kiddy Up Ranch provides an environment where children with disabilities feel accepted. This is an encouraging "yes you can" place that focuses on abilities. Children are transformed through interactions with horses—they begin communicating and connecting in new ways. From rider to parent to volunteer to staff, everyone feels a great sense of gratitude for the healing power of horses.  


Kiddy Up Ranch is a non-profit animal facilitated program. It helps every child meet their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and educational goals. Many different methods using animal facilitated therapy and learning techniques are used to support each child's development. The Ranch also provides a place of respite for families. At Kiddy Up Ranch, no child is left behind.


Kiddy Up Ranch serves children and adults with disabilities, such as Autism, ADHD, CP, Downs Syndrome, and TBI. Disabled veterans and first responders also benefit from the therapeutic programs.


After participating in Kiddy Up Ranch programs, riders have competed in shows and the Special Olympics. The Ranch also has a 4H carriage driving program.

Therapeutic Carriage Driving: an alternative equine assisted activity for individuals with disabilities who can not ride. 

Equine Facilitated Learning: group and private play dates as well as field trips that incorporate horses into the learning environment.  

Horse Boy Method: specific to Autism and neuro-psychiatric conditions, Horse Boy Method uses a 6 stage process: creating the right environment; addressing sensory issues; perspective taking and academics from the saddle; riding with the child; and finally self-advocacy. 

Riding Lessons: english, western, jumping, and carriage driving lessons are available to able bodied individuals.  


Kiddy Up Ranch is a PATH International Member Center and a Horse Boy Method Certified Center.

Volunteer Opportunities

Serving from the heart, volunteers are rewarded by the smiles and daily accomplishments of their riders. Volunteer opportunities range from barn work to side walking or horse handling to fundraising. 


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