IN • Sabrina Jacobs

Where are you located?

I'm currently located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, IN. I'm going on my last year of high school, so soon I'll be picking up and moving for college! For now, I can enjoy the never disappointing Indiana sunsets, endless cornfields, and horse barns around every corner. I've been very fortunate in the sense of traveling though, if you tell me about a place I can ride at, chances are I've heard of it!

How did you get into trail riding?

When I was 7 years old I started riding horses for therapeutic reasons. Little did I know, I would be doing it for the rest of my life! The first real job I ever had was leading trail rides at a local facility. I fell in love with it, and from there I got my first horse, Camisado, a Kiger Mustang / Quarter horse cross. Trail riding has always been in me, as I am also an avid hiker. Soon I'll be back to my roots leading trail rides in the big south fork! There is something about being in the woods on a horse, it's a completely different feeling than being in an arena. I'm very fortunate to be in both worlds like that!

What do you love most about trail riding?

I love how it connects you to your horse. When you are exploring a new place, whether alone or with friends or even clients, you are completely relying on your horse. There's something to be said about flying up a steep hill not knowing if you'll make it all the way up, but your horse carries you on. 

Why did you become a community ambassador?

There's a strong community for me as a barrel racer, but there isn't a prominent one for trail riding. We Are Trail Riders is such a wholesome foundation, I had to be a part of it. And how 10% of proceeds go back to equine therapy, horse rescue, and park preservation is my favorite part about this community. My dream one day is to run a rehabilitation/rescue facility of my own, so being a part of this really meant a lot to me! Trail riding is one of the most therapeutic and beneficial things for a person, and even a horse. I'm so excited to be a part of this family!


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