WY • CM Ranch

The CM is one of the oldest dude ranches in the country. It's in an ideal location for exploring the wilderness, fishing in cold mountain lakes, or relaxing with family and friends. Guests of all ages have experienced the tremendous beauty and solitude of the Wind River Mountains, where the stunning terrain has seen very little human impact. On trail rides, you will get to traverse through creek bottoms, forests and meadows. Expect to see deer, elk, moose, antelope, snowshoe hares and picas on your adventure. Whether hanging out at the ranch, journeying out on a pack trip, or having your backpacking gear delivered to a remote site, you'll be met with incredible hospitality.


Located in Dubois, Wyoming, the CM is nestled a secluded valley in the Wind River Mountain Range. The ranch lands neighbor the Shoshone National Forest and Fitzpatrick Wilderness, which are only a short drive away from Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole. 

Trail Rides

Trail Rides are available twice a day every day except Sunday. The head wrangler divides riders into small, compatible groups to ensure a personalized experience. Depending on your skill level, you may trot and lope with your wrangler through majestic scenery. You can also participate in the weekly gymkhana, or join other guests for an early morning breakfast ride. If you're new to trail riding, introductory instructions can be provided.

Pack Trips can be booked in conjunction with or separately from traditional week-long dude ranch vacations. Base camp is at Union Lake, where Simpson and other glacier-fed lakes are just a short ride away.

Progressive Trips are also available, and enable you to go even further into the interior of the Fitzpatrick Wilderness. You can camp right next to Simpson Lake, or camp next to a different lake each night. 


Experienced wranglers will accompany you on your ride and are happy to share with you the history and geography of the area.

Pack trips are led by an experienced guide and a cook who devote themselves to showing you the very finest and detailed areas of Wyoming.


The CM has an exceptional string of horses that are well adapted to mountain terrain. They are gentle and spirited, suitable for the beginner or the expert rider. You will be matched with a horse that suits your ability, and ride in a comfortable western saddle.

Additional Activities

During the day you can also fish, hike, swim, picnic, get a massage, participate in activities, or relax with a book. Evenings can be spent at square dances or cookouts, playing softball, horseshoes, volleyball, ping pong, or card games. Each week there is a slide show by a local photographer, and an evening of cowboy poetry and music.


Charming log cabins and log homes are available for rent. The log cabins are spaced along the stream and around large, well-kept lawns. The larger log homes are situated slightly above the ranch.

If you are a hiker or backpacker who wishes to explore the area by foot, the CM will pack in and drop off your gear at locations of your choosing.


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