CA • Ashlynn Feather


Where are you located?

I am located near Los Angeles, California. I live in Chino and board my horse at Prado Equestrian Center, near Prado Park.

How did you get into trail riding?

I got into trail riding maybe 5 years ago now after riding for my entire life because I enjoyed it the most of all the equine sports. I have tried almost every western riding sport under the sun from the horsemanship show ring to speed events and even a little roping. But sometimes the competitions took the fun out of riding and I lost sight of what riding horses was really all about. There's something so natural and relaxing about just you and your horse hitting an open trail and enjoying nature. I quickly fell in love with trail riding and I never looked back. I could tell my horse enjoyed it far more than arena work too. Every weekend I try to trail ride somewhere either locally or travel somewhere up or down the California coast. 

What do you love most about trail riding?

To me, trail riding is an escape. A literal escape from the busy LA city where I live and an emotional/mental escape from all the stressors in life. I can forget about work, my busy schedule, or whatever else is on my mind and just get lost in nature with my horse. It's a perfect group activity or just as good solo and my horse loves it just as much as I. What's not to love?

Why did you become a community ambassador?

I want to bring the trail riding community together! Either locally or online. It's a widely enjoyed sport and yet it's rare to meet others. I hope to to connect with others, share stories, spread word of our activities, promote safety, and take amazing photographs of our journeys!


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